In & Unpacking

We have been in our house a little over a week now, so here is what’s been going on during the past week.

We wrapped up our last couple of days in the hotel with lots of pool time, eating out and gearing up to move out of the hotel and into our house.

It’s safe to say our kids are maxed out on eating at restaurants. When we are at home doing our normal routine we rarely eat out. So it was fun in the beginning but everyone is ready to eat at our own table and have a home cooked meal. Calvin is especially antsy having to sit and wait for his food so we had to get creative with things for him to do.

Turns out cutips and make up bags make for great fun.


They were both so busy at the pool it was tough to get a photo and just as tough to coax them out of the pool.

We finally had a chance to see the inside of the house when we received the keys. The kids were really excited to finally see where we will be spending the next several months.


The next morning…


They waited patiently for us to pack everything up the morning we were officially moving in.

And then we got to the house and had to patiently wait some more as we were all anxious to see our household goods unloaded off the truck.


The unpacking of the truck is an all day activity so my goal for the day was to keep the kids occupied and out of the way. Our not so bright idea was to also have our van’s oil changed this day, so we were out a car all day. Therefore, the kids and I spent lots of time exploring our new neighborhood.

Nora’s baby came along too. Luckily her stroller was unpacked pretty early in the day 😉


Not pictured is Cal’s nap in the stroller. Then all three of us headed out for a run.


I was pleasantly surprised when Nora requested that I run with them in the stroller. She has requested we do this two days since and it just makes me so happy. I love to run and really haven’t been able to much since having the two of them and Nora isn’t a big fan of riding in the stroller. But if this is something she now enjoys then I’m pumped to get back into a running routine again. There is also a Mom’s running group here in Monterey called Stroller Warriors (apparently there are other locations around the nation too). But once we are back into a normal routine I think I’ll bring the kids and join them on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

We had to take some meal and snack breaks. And the boxes just kept on piling up.


And the following day we began unpacking…



This is pretty much what every room in the house looked like, some worse than others.


Calvin and I took a break from unpacking. It felt good just to lay there for a minute and not think about the giant mess around us 🙂

We had to quickly work on installing the baby gate on the stairs. These stairs are carpeted and much safer than the ones in our previous house, however Calvin would without a doubt love to go exploring upstairs by himself so we will try to prevent that.

Nora really enjoyed her first time using power tools. She has loved getting to be so much more involved with the moving process this time around and helping whenever she gets the chance.


While we had lots to do at the house we have been spending quite a bit of time visiting preschools and spending time outdoors so we can meet new friends in the area. We visited two preschools last week to see what their programs were like. And earlier in the week Nora had the opportunity to try out a nearby gymnastics class.

She loved it. We are waiting to see what her preschool schedules is before we commit to any particular extracurriculars but it was so fun that she was able to test this out before we actually join a class.

Calvin was dying to get out there with her, but he was stuck hanging back and watching with me.


Later we went shopping at our local Target for some house necessities and found this hat that complimented Calvin’s outfit well 😛


On our way home from running errands, this is our view along the highway. It is beautiful here!! Not pictured is The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail that runs all along the water. We plan to enjoy that as well a lot while we are here.


The kitchen was the first room in the house to get fully organized. Anyone that has visited us knows, my kids love their whole wheat waffles every morning. Ever since we left Missouri Nora has been asking if the movers have our waffles 😉 So we have finally been able to whip up some of these waffles and enjoy them for breakfast again.


I kind of have tunnel vision right now with not being able to think about anything else but getting our house in order ASAP, so hopefully we can get as much of that done as possible in the next few days and move on. So more on how that goes later! 🙂


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