Monterey so far & Moving Highs & Lows

We finally got word on when we will be able to move into our house and we can’t wait! So far we have been spending our time checking out new parks, restaurants, shopping, celebrating the 4th and gathering resources to help us get settled into the community here.

So far the best park award goes to a huge Dennis the Menace park about 10 minutes from our new house and walking distance from our hotel. We spent two and a half hours there the other morning exploring and playing.

There are a lot of cool slides.

Half the fun was getting to chase all the sea gulls around.

Nora tried a snow cone for the first time. I thin she liked it considering she refused to share even a little with me.

Then we went to the local Costco to grab some samples and stock up on some snacks.


These two were hungry and really happy about all the samples we found.  

These Cheddar Crisps and Lentil Chips I think have been the best finds of our entire trip. Both have clean ingredients, make for great snacks & we all love them. We’ve been dipping them in hummus as part of meals/snacks.

Later in the evening we were all exhausted and just hung out in the room watching a movie.


We switched hotels the next day to one we stayed at when we were here two years ago. We all approve of the breakfast here.  Nora is particularly fond of the bacon.


Then to celebrate the 4th we headed to downtown Monterey where they had a big 4th of July festival going on. There were tons of free games and activities for the kids, live music, and food! We spent all morning there, played every game, jumped in all the bounce houses and sat and enjoyed the music.

On our way back to the car Calvin passed out in the stroller, so Nick walked back with him to the hotel while Nora and I drove back to grab some lunch before hitting the pool.

Then we spent ALL afternoon at the pool. Probably one of the best 4th’s we have yet as a family of four.

I’ve shared a lot about all the fun thing we’ve been doing lately, but I wanted to share a little about the high’s and low’s of our moving process. As moving day approaches there is always a lot to do, so there is little time to be excited or anxious, I’m just always really focused on the task at hand. This particular move was different from our past 2 since we had to drive cross-country. Although long car rides with kids can be rough, we really had a lot of fun surviving it all together and exploring all the new places we visited along the way. It was fun and exciting knowing we would get to see something new almost everyday as well as reach our goal of getting even closer to our new home. Then the sweet relief set in when we finally made it to Monterey with no more long drives ahead. And we could begin to settle in as best we could while we wait for housing and our household goods. However, this mood quickly shifted for me on day 2 here. The reality of my circumstances quickly began to wear me down mentally & emotionally. Here I was again at a new place, with 2 kids this time and had to start from square one with everything. I was feeling the pressure of wanting to find the best preschool for Nora, best dance classes, positive social/play environments for Calvin, a reliable and trusted babysitter so Nick and I can resume date nights, an outlet & friends for me. I think I broke down in tears maybe 4 different times throughout the day. Really there are so many things that fall into place in our daily routines that we take for granted until our routines and world are completely turned upside down and we have to put them back together in completely new surroundings with new & different resources.

Needless to say I was not in the best of moods for pretty much that entire day. A lack of sleep from the night before with a toddler coming down with a cold didn’t help my frantic state of mind. However, it just so happened that Nick already had it in his mind that we would spend a good part of the morning driving around the military community stopping at the various places that provided paperwork, information and welcome packets to help families in integrate into their new home more smoothly. I also messaged a few acquaintances who lived here prior to us to get their opinions on preschools, etc. After collecting as much information as possible and doing some research  by the end of the day I was already feeling a lot better about how best to move forward to begin getting everyone’s schedules and activities put together.

But I know I’m not completely in the clear yet. In just a couple of days we will be getting all our things unloaded off a truck and into a house that may/may not have some issues of its own (that is yet to be determined since we haven’t been inside yet). Things may have been lost and/or broken and we may not have a place for some things that we did in our previous house. Things will inevitably have to change and be/look different. But I’m slowly learning that if I change my mindset and choose to keep an open mind about what lies ahead, I can remain more peaceful & joyful and everything really goes much more smoothly. But even getting to that point is a process, but I’m learning 😉



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